Roblox – How to Get Metaverse Explorer’s Backpack

Like every year in Roblox, the Annual Bloxy Awards are back and it brings a new Avatar for player to try. Anyone playing the game can get this skin, even free-to-play, given they complete any Bloxy Awards events. The best way to get the Metaverse Explorer’s Backpack in Roblox is to participate in the scavenger hunt. Like all events, there are certain tasks you need to complete in order to get the reward. Stick with us and we will show you what to do to get the Metaverse Backpack reward.

How to Get Metaverse Explorer’s Backpack in Roblox

To get the Metaverse Explorer’s Backpack in Roblox you need to particulate in a scavenger hunt during the 8th Annual Bloxy Awards game and complete the task of finding 8 different items. While some these items are quite easy, other are hidden very well. The good thing is all the items are within a small game area, so if you look you are bound to find them.

The various items you are required to find are Ticket, Plushie, Ticket, Imagination Core, Bloxy Cola, Plushie, Wrench, and Helmet. Here are the location of various items, so you don’t have to grind.

Ticket – Look in the ground floor area where you spawn between the concession stand and window. You will find the Ticket there. The ticket is opposite to the SHOP.

Plushie – The second item you would want to find to get the Metaverse Backpack. It’s on the hanging ledge above the concession stands.

Ticket – Look above the concession stands on the far-right of the main area and you will find the second ticket there.

Imagination Core – For the imagination core, we suggest you go to the main area and you will find it on the large TV screen.

Bloxy Cola – To find the Bloxy Cola, exit the Shop area, and it’s one the immediate left when you go into the Walkway.

Plushie – Look for a floating house near a glowing window and you can enter it. Once you enter the Window, you can find the Plushie behind the house.

Wrench – Walk towards the end of the Walkway and you will see the force field (don’t touch it). The Wrench is right in front of the force field behind the large lights.

Helmet – Go to the opposite side of where you found the Wrench and you will find the Helmet. It’s lying on the floor in a corner in one of these areas.

Once you have found all the eight items and completed the scavenger hunt, you will get a notification. Check the inventory and the Metaverse Explorer’s Backpack would have been added.

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