Roblox Car Dealership Tycoon Codes (March 2023)

Kirthana K
Kirthana K

Roblox Car Dealership Tycoon lets you gain control of a dealership to sell customized cars. This is is a fun game where you own a car dealership, and have to sell some of your best cars. You can also drive around in your new cars, customize them, and even participate in events like racing and driving around the map with your friends. You can also join the Foxzie community group to get a free car and earn free cash by redeeming codes to help you build your Dealership.  In this guide, we will see all the working codes for free cash and cars in Roblox Car Dealership Tycoon.

Roblox Car Dealership Tycoon Codes for Cash

Roblox Car Dealership Tycoon has a bunch of active codes that you can use to redeem free items. Here we will take a look at all the redeemable codes in Roblox Car Dealership Tycoon.

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Below are all the working codes that you can use to redeem freebies in the game. Be sure to redeem them before they expire, otherwise, you will be locked out of getting the rewards. Also, you should type in the code accurately, or it would be considered invalid. You can copy and paste the code into the redemption box to avoid any mistakes.

Working Roblox Car Dealership Tycoon Codes

  • Helicopter – 75k cash
  • Drifting – 70k cash
  • Season3 – 60k cash
  • 200Trophies – 50k Cash
  • Season3Soon – 60k cash
  • Hey2023 – 75k cash
  • 7Quests – 50k cash
  • XmasIncoming – 50k cash
  • HyperDealer – 50k cash
  • CarFactory – 50k cash
  • IWaitLong – 50k cash
  • FreeTruck – free truck
  • Pumpkins – 50k cash
  • Season2 – 50k cash
  • MoreKits – 50k cash
  • Bodykits – 50k cash
  • Season1 – 50k cash
  • ATV – 50k cash
  • 1Billion – 100k cash
  • 825KVotes – 50k cash
  • NewBarn – 50k cash
  • Twitter50K – 50k cash
  • Interiors – 50k cash
  • 900MVisits –  90k cash 
  • Crimes –  50k cash 
  • 4Years – 50k cash
  • BarnFind –  50k cash
  • Eggs2022 –  50k cash
  • FOXZIE –  15k cash
  • Tstingray –  25k cash

Expired Car Dealership Tycoon Codes

  • 550KLikes—Get 55k Cash

How to Redeem Car Dealership Tycoon Codes

Redeeming Codes in Roblox Car Dealership Tycoon is a simple process. Just follow the steps below and you can start claiming your rewards.

  • Launch the game
  • Click on settings (cog icon)
  • You can find it at the top
  • A new window will appear
  • Copy any of the codes
  • Paste it into the redemption box
  • Click on the green plus button
  • Claim your reward

You should always copy and paste the code into the redemption box, since typing them out will lead to errors, making you unable to claim the rewards.

How to Get More Codes

If you wish you unlock more codes, you can keep following this page as we will keep updating the codes regularly. You can also follow the creator of the game on their Twitter and Youtube page to get regular updates on the game codes.

That’s all there is to know about redeeming codes in Roblox Car Dealership Tycoon. If you like this guide you can check out our other guides as well. 

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