Returnal – How to Heal and Where to Find Healing Items

Returnal has released for PS5 and you can play the game now. One of the things you should know at the start of the game is how to heal. While healing is part of most games in some form or the others, it’s crucial in Returnal. This is a really tough game that gets tougher as you progress. You are bound to get hit, no matter how good of a gamer you are. Hence, you will require healing items to heal yourself so you can continue the exploration. In this guide, we will share how to heal in Returnal and where to find healing items in Returnal.

How to Heal in Returnal | Healing Items Guide

Returnal follows the item healing mechanics i.e. you can heal yourself using items you find in the game. You can also use healing buffs, and consumable items that are provided at the start of each biome (use these items by hitting L1).

There are various items in the game that can heal with varying levels of health it can restore. To heal in Returnal, there are two ways – you can either find healing items or rely on the healing buffs. Buffs are random and you will find them as you play the game. Different buffs have different effects, some can restore a certain amount of health after you have taken down a boss. While, others can restore the health when it goes down a certain limit.

Healing items on the other hand works the same as any other game. You need to find them in the world to restore the health. So far, we have found one item and it’s plentiful in the game. Every room has a few of them. The item is called Silphium. There are variations of Silphium with each restoring a certain amount of health such as Small, Regular, and Large. With Large restoring the maximum health and Small the least.

There is no exact location where you can find the Silphium, but it’s available widely for you to easily find. Another item with a similar name is the Silphium Resin. It helps to boost the HP level of the player. So, it’s crucial that you find Silphium Resin to max the HP.

You can also find consumables in the world or as drops after defeating enemies. You can also make them using the Fabricator.

So, in a nutshell, this is how to heal in Returnal. Check out the game category for more guides and tips to play the game.   

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