Returnal – How to Destroy Enemy Shields

Enemies in Returnal have two types of shield that needs to be destroyed before you can take on the enemies. While the shield are certainly a hindrance, they are quite easy to destroy once you know how. The two type of shields on the enemies are the Green Shield and the Red Shield. If you are having trouble destroying the shield, it’s because you have not unlocked the weapon that does it. In this guide, we will show you how to destroy enemy shields in Returnal.

Returnal – How to Destroy Enemy Shields

Shield in Returnal can be put into two types the Red bubble shield that protects some enemies and the Green Shield that shields all enemies in the room. Among the two shields, the green shield is easier to destroy. Both the shield will appear almost from the start of the game, so you need to know how to destroy them.

How to Destroy Enemy Shields

To destroy the enemy shield in Returnal, you need to shoot it. But, shooting will only destroy the green shield and not the red shield. The red shield on the other hand requires you to unlock the melee weapon of the game. It’s a red glowing sword that’s very useful in the game. You will use this sword for the entirety of the game and they are critically required for certain tasks such as destroying shield, breaking vines, etc.

You can get the sword when you are in the Crimson Gateway area, you will see the corpse of an alien. You can get the sword from the corpse. You can get the weapon after defeating the first boss.

Once you have the sword in your possession, simply using the sword to hit the shield will break it and then, you can take on the enemies. So, that is how to break the green and red shield on enemies in Returnal. Check out the game category for more info.     

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