Returnal – How to Break Glowing Red Vines

Returnal is quite clear about the areas you can and cannot go to; however, the glowing red vines may appear a little confusing as they hide behind them crucial healing items. But, players who attempt to get past the red vines are blocked by it. Your default weapon won’t be able to break the vines and you cannot dash through them. As such, players are wondering how to break glowing red vines in Returnal. Keep reading and we will share how.

How to Break Glowing Red Vines in Returnal

To break glowing red vines in Returnal you need a specialized weapon that needs to be unlocked. It a sword that you will find quite early in the game while exploring the first region on a corpse. Once you find this sword, it will be a part of Selene’s equipment. It is also the melee weapon that you would find yourself resorting to during much of the game.

Returnal Sword Melee Weapon for Vines

When you are in the Crimson Gateway area, you will see the corpse of an alien. You can get the sword from the corpse that can be used to break glowing red vines, among a range of other uses.

Once you have the weapon, simply hit the Square button when you are in front of the vines and it will cut through it. You can now get across and pick the healing item.

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