Returnal – How to Beat Phrike | Boss Fight Guide

Returnal is finally out for the PlayStation. This is a third-person shooter psychological horror video game developed by Housemarque and published by Sony Interactive Entertainment. In this game, Phrike is the first boss you will encounter. Since it is quite tough to beat, we have provided a complete guide on how to bring it down. Check out this complete Boss fight guide.

How to Defeat Phrike in Returnal | Boss Fight Guide

There are three phases to through Phrike in Returnal:

1st Phase

When you first encounter Phrike, it will throw several different orbs towards you. So, first of all, you need to maintain the distance and keep dodging to prevent yourself from attacking.

Returnal - How to Beat Phrike

– Red orbs can be dodged simply by walking sideways.

– You can dodge purple orbs by walking in the opposite direction. Make sure to move to the left side if the orbs are on your right side and vice-versa.

– Orange orbs can be dodged by walking through the gap.

2nd Phase

In the second phase, Phrike will attack you with some laser-based things which are more horrible. It will come directly on you in a straight line.

You need to walk sideways to dodge. At the end of this phase, whenever his arms glow red, it will be indicated as a powerful melee attack. You can dodge this attack by holding the dodge button in any of the directions.

3rd Phase

In this 3rd and final phase, Phrike will attack with melee strike and it will also bring a new bullet-hell pattern that attacks with some rotating swirl on the floor. You need to jump it over but it also possible to stay right on the ground and weave through the missiles.

The most important thing to note, you will not win this fight, if you’ll keep dodging. Along with running around, keep shooting Phrike as much as possible. You can use your weapon’s alt-fire at every chance you get. And eventually, you will be able to bring it down.

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