Returnal – How to Beat Ophion – Boss Fight Guide

Ophion is one of the toughest bosses to beat in Returnal. This enemy does not move much but it is quite tricky to beat. This enemy has all ranged attacks from orbs that will shoot projectiles at you to laser beams. You need to learn how to avoid them constantly and how to beat them properly.

Here we have given a detailed guide on how to beat Ophion in Returnal – A complete Boss Fight Guide is here.

How to Beat Ophion in Returnal – The complete Boss Fight Guide

The most important thing you need to remember that this boss has blue orbs around it. You need to shoot these orbs and then it will reveal some red spots on his body that are vulnerable to damage. Here are the details of all 3 phases and how to dodge and beat this boss.

Phase 1

Initially, it will start off attacking you with green projectiles. It comes to you slowly but there are several of them. Also, watch out for dar purple shockwaves. To dodge this, you need to jump over them and prevent yourself from hitting. Also, it will throw fast-moving blue projectiles at you so try to dodge this as well.

Phase 2

In the second phase, it will become more furious and dangerous. It will give again dark purple shockwaves and you will feel the same as phase 1 but in this phase, its new tricks include purple laser beams as well. But, remember that you can’t dash through these purple laser beams. So, stay alert and do not forget to damage it by attacking its weak spot.

Phase 3

Ophion becomes more dangerous and crueler in this phase. It will not only throw purple laser beams but also throw all the bullets at you at once which is quite tough to avoid. Also, you will face fast-moving projectiles as well as a swirling green bullet at you. Keep dashing all these attacks and keep damaging its weak part and eventually, you will be successful to bring it down.

In this fight, you can take any of these weapons – a Tachyomatic Carbine, a Dreadbound, a Thermogenic Launcher, or a Hollowseeker.

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