Returnal – How to Beat Ixiom – Boss Fight Guide

Returnal game is out and players are searching how to beat bosses as this game is all about beating aliens and man are they tough. One of the aliens is Ixiom which is a flying boss. Speaking of such enemies, they are quite varied. You will encounter the standard Edge of Tomorrow like alien creatures that will throw projectiles at you and also attack with melee which is quite tough to dodge. By beating such bosses in Returnal game, you will earn a few Trophies towards the Platinum. Let us learn how to beat Ixiom in Returnal.

How to Beat Ixiom in Returnal: The Boss Fight Guide

The main pattern of this alien is very fast movement and throws big bullets. It pauses in between and this is the time when you need to fire on it. So, just like the Phrike, keep shooting on it as much as possible.

Make sure to use your alt-fire and other consumable items you have. Ixiom will attack you using large and spiraling bullets but they are not so harsh. You just need to be on one side where it is safe.

When you will finish your fighting phase, Ixiom throws it into the air and crash it down to the middle of the arena. It takes some pause for some time and will expel an energy wave and several bullets.

This can be a bit of a complicated part of the battle. This is the time where you need to show your avoidance skills, but also keep damaging them whenever the boss is idle.

When this is done, your fight will enter the third phase. In this phase, it will start leaping at you with some melee strikes. It will also attack with some bullets. So, make sure to dodge it properly and stay far from it. Also, these melee attacks launch a fast-moving shockwave so keep jumping once it does this.

In the third and last phase, it will start firing on you quickly which is easy to avoid relatively. Again, do not stay in one place and keep dodging to prevent yourself from damaging. Along with it, keep shooting it as often as you can. In this fight, an assault rifle can be your best ally, so try to take it in a Hollowseeker or Tachyomatic Carbine for this fight.

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