Returnal – How to Beat Hyperion – Boss Fight Guide

Hyperion is the next level devastating alien. You will find it in Echoing Ruins. This enemy mainly attacks with projectiles and orbs so it is advisable to keep a safe distance from it. Since it is going to be a little tricky to tackle this beast, here is the complete guide on how to beat Hyperion in Returnal.

How to Beat Hyperion – Boss Fight Guide

This is going to be the most hectic fight with Hyperion as threats will be coming from all-round. Here is the complete guide on how to beat Hyperion.

1st Phase

In the first phase, Hyperion will start firing with blue homing bullets at you along with a red projectile that will give a wave on the ground. Next, it will attack with yellow bullets and after some time, it will attack you with all these three at once. It is very easy to simply dodge these attacks. You need to keep moving and damaging the boss as much as you can. 

2nd Phase

In this phase, Hyperion will throw lots of blue and green projectiles at you. When you’ll busy dodging its attacks, Hyperion will prepare big blue cross patterns to attack you. Other than that, this entire phase works the same as the first one.

3rd Phase

This phase is going to be a tougher one. In this phase, it will not only fire loads of orbs in various patterns, but also will jump to the center. Here we need to avoid his ‘X’ shaped attack otherwise, it will cause a lot of damage. It is advisable to learn air-dash as it is going to be very useful in this phase to prevent yourself from damaging. 

Thus, in the entire sequence, you need to dodge orbs and do damages as much as possible and ultimately, you will be able to beat it.

That’s it for the guide on how to beat Hyperion in Returnal Boss Fight Guide. Also learn Returnal – How to Beat Phrike | Boss Fight Guide.

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