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Respawn Acknowledges Apex Legends Crashing on Gun Run Mode on the PS5

Respawn Acknowledges Apex Legends Crashing on Gun Run Mode on the PS5

Gun Run is a limited-time mode brought by Respawn on the 20th Sep. In the mode, you fight against three other teams with every available weapon to secure a win. When you kill with one weapon, you get another weapon, and there is a range of 25 weapons to explore. Getting killed with a melee weapon will demote you to the previous weapon. Everything about the new mode is exciting except for PS5 players who report Apex Legends crashing on Gun Run mode on the PS5.


Some players crash once or twice in a match, whereas others simply cannot play the game. Every time they get hit, the game crashes. Even a single crash can ruin the game, so it makes little difference how many times the player crashes; the result is the same – a ruined game. Here are some user reports.


These are just a few reports, Twitter is filled with Tweets such as the above, and new reports are coming in every minute. It’s a shame how such a good concept could be ruined. For players wondering if they can fix the Apex Legends Gun Run mode crashing on the PS5, sadly, you cannot, at least not at the time of writing the post. Users who tried basic PS5 troubleshooting found the fixes of no use. The problem is with the game, and Respawn has acknowledged it. Here is the Tweet from them.   


We hope that the devs get to the bottom of the issue and fix the Gun Run bug as soon as possible so players can enjoy the new limited-time game more and possibly extend the mode’s life due to the PS5 players currently being unable to play the game.

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