Resident Evil Village – Where to Find Labyrinth Puzzle

The Labyrinth Puzzle is quite easy to solve and most players won’t have difficulty with it, but the trick is to find the puzzle. Like so many other things in the game, finding the Labyrinth Puzzle is turning out to be a hassle for players. While the in-game map is a great loot for knowing where you are in the area, it can be frustrating at times. In the post, we will show you the Resident Evil Village Labyrinth Puzzle location.

Where to Find Labyrinth Puzzle in Resident Evil Village

While the Resident Evil Village map is accurate at highlighting things, you need to ensure that you are looking at the correct floor map to find the items you are looking for. The reason you are unable to find Labyrinth Puzzle is because you are looking at the wrong floor.

Although the map allows you to view the different floors of a building, some confusion while viewing the floors can lead to situation where you cannot find certain items. Hence, when viewing the map, ensure that you are checking the same floor where you are located.

Once you have found the puzzle, you can use the ball to complete the simple puzzle and get the reward. However, for some reason, if you miss out on the puzzle, it’s not that big of a deal as it does not play any crucial role in the progress of the main game story.   

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