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Resident Evil Village Labyrinth Ball Locations

Resident Evil Village Labyrinth Ball Locations

The new series – Resident Evil Village offers both actions and horror. There are various secrets to reveal and treasures to unlock. One of them is Labyrinth puzzles in every major area. You need to find the balls for every puzzle you can obtain the skull inside.

Here we have given the details of all 4 locations where you can find Labyrinth Ball.

Where to Find Labyrinth Ball in Resident Evil Village

Here we have provided the details of the location where you can find Labyrinth Ball in Resident Evil Village.

1. Lady Dimitrescu’s Castle Ball

The very first ball you will find on the way to Lady Dimitrescu’s castle. When you’ll arrive in the courtyard, head to the captured castle. You need to enter a small waiting room. Using a staircase, go to the second floor and open the door which you will find on your left side. Then, go to the railing that overlooks the piano and stage. On the left side, you will see a small-sized open room where you can find the castle ball in a small box.

2. Beneviento’s Graveyard Ball

This is one of the easiest ways to find. When you return to the village after defeating Donna and Angie, you’ll encounter some of the zombies. You need to kill all of them and then head to the curved and small path towards a tree. Here, you will find a treasure box with a ball on the ground which is located beside the trunk. 

3. Moraeu Reservoir Ball

When you defeat Moreau and get the crank, you can be accessed this ball. When you complete this section, leave the reservoir but do not return to the village. By using a crank, you need to open the Mechanical Door which you will find on your right side. 

Come down to the narrow path and defeat the flying enemies that are flying near the hills. Then, head to the right path, cross the bridge and obtain the lightbox on the left. Here you will find the Reservoir Ball that can be used in the puzzle of Labyrinth.

4. Heisenberg’s Factory Ball

This is the last and final ball that you can find after dealing with the metal zombies who are jetpack-wearing in Heisenberg’s Factory in the Grinder Shaft.

When you climb through the destroyed fan, you will enter a small hall that leads to a room that has a staircase and a destructible wall. Use a Pipe Bomb and throw it on the cracked wall to destroy it that will give you access to the secret room on the right side.

Here, you will find the Ball Mold. You need to take it to the smelter room to craft the final ball. You can return from this point as you will have to go again to the smelter room to craft a key once you find Key Mold.

To reach the final Labyrinth Puzzle, use the Duke’s elevator to the lowest floor and go directly into the room.

These are all the locations of Labyrinth Ball in Resident Evil Village.

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