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Resident Evil Village – How to Unlock Infinite Ammo with Cheat

Resident Evil Village - How to Unlock Infinite Ammo with Cheat

If you want to unlock infinite Ammo in Resident Evil Village, you can do it easily using a cheat trick. Using this cheat, you can obtain several weapons in the game. This cheat is in the game itself as rewards that can be available when you beat the story once.

Let’s learn how to enable Infinite Ammo cheats in this game.

How to Unlock Infinite Ammo with Cheat in Resident Evil Village (RE8)

There are about 15 weapons with Infinite Ammo. To unlock the Infinite Ammo cheat for the weapons, first of all, you need to finish the story once without using any cheats. Once you finish the story, go to the Title Screen > Bonuses > Extra Content Shop. This Extra Content Shop is available only after beating the story.

Also, you will need to unlock all the customizable parts of the weapons and purchase all Gunsmith Upgrades from the Duke. Most of the customizable parts for the weapons are sold by Duke but some of them are collectibles that you will find during the play.

When you buy all these upgrades, it will unlock the Infinite Ammo cheat. You will see it in the Extra content shop and you can buy it using CP currency. Once you’re able to unlock the cheat, you can use it on all the weapons, even if they’re not upgraded fully.

Infinite Ammo will be helpful to take out all types of enemies easily. Also, a good part of using this cheat that it won’t disable your achievements or trophy progresses.

Once you are bored of using Infinite Ammo Cheat, you can then disable it anytime. To do this: Go to Main Menu > Options > Game Settings. But remember: You are not able to reset your CP (Bonus Content Shop currency).  

That’s everything you need to know how to unlock Infinite Ammo with Cheat in Resident Evil Village.

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