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Resident Evil Village – How to Get Repairer Trophy

Resident Evil Village - How to Get Repairer Trophy

There are several trophies in Resident Evil Village that all players want to achieve. Repairer Trophy is also one of them which is quite easy to get. You can achieve it by combining a treasure into its complete form. But it is very important to note some important points first which we are going to discuss in the following guide. So, without any further ado, let’s know how to get Repairer Trophy in Resident Evil Village.

How to Get Repairer Trophy in Resident Evil Village

– Your very first opportunity you have in Castle Dimitrescu. It needs to combine 2 pieces to create an eye-ring that you can sell out to Duke for 12,000.

– The first piece (Silver Ring) you will get in the same room as the Pleasure statue. You will get it in the drawer on the right side of the room. You need to go to this room for the story so it is quite tough to miss and if you will miss collecting the ring, still you can go back later.

– The last piece you needed is the Azure eye that you will get once you will progress through the story and when you can access the iron Insignia key. Once you get that key, go back to the dungeons and search for the locked door which you can open now. You will get some enemies here so be careful.

– Once you can find and open the gate, now the puzzle is quite simple and straight. There are 2 alcoves in the ‘Special Chamber’ – one with a pipe bomb and another is with Ammo. Use the Pipe Bomb to blow out a hole and shoot the left most lantern in the open flame so it burns and then you’ve to get the 2 lanterns to hit so beat them, so they hit one and another.

– Once this process is done, simply open the tomb and take out the eye, then you can combine it with the Ring, and lastly, the Repairer Trophy is yours.

That’s everything you need to know how to get Repairer Trophy in Resident Evil Village.

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