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Resident Evil Village Factory Labyrinth Puzzle – Where to find Ball Mold |Iron Horse Ball location

Resident Evil Village Factory Labyrinth Puzzle - Where to find Ball Mold Iron Horse Ball location

In RE8, there are 4 Labyrinth puzzles that you need to find and solve. Each puzzle includes an assorted ball that you need to find and align with its respective labyrinth. When you complete these puzzles successfully, you will be rewarded with a lot of Lei which you can use to purchase various items and upgrades in the game. Since finding out this ball is quite tricky and difficult, we have come up with an ultimate guide.

Where to Find Ball Mold | Iron Horse Ball Location

The Iron Horse Ball is the last and trickiest labyrinth which you will find at the end of the story of RE8. This ball is different than the other 3 as you need to craft yourself using a casting device. So, first of all, you need to find the Ball Mold which you will find in Heisenberg’s Factory.

When you defeat the ghouls with jetpacks, you will be able to access the way up the grinder shaft. You will find the hidden room on your right side when you enter the ventilation duct. It will be blocked by the walls, but you can smash it using a pipe bomb. Here, you will find Iron Horse Ball Mold inside the tiny room (B2) which is situated near the Ventilation Duct and the Grinder Shaft in the factory.

When you find the Ball Mold, you will go straight to the Foundry Room (MB4) to craft the Iron Horse Ball. Once you craft the Iron Horse Ball, you will bring it to The Duke’s shop and use the same labyrinth machine which they used for the Flower Swords ball.

That’s everything you need to know where to find Ball mold | Iron Horse Ball location in Resident Evil Village.

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