Resident Evil Village Demo Screwdriver Location Guide

The demo prior to release of Resident Evil Village is available for players to try, at least for certain platforms. The demo has a different release time for various platforms. Unlike the previous demo, which was exclusive to PlayStation, the current demo is available for all platforms – PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X, Xbox One, Steam, and Stadia. Follow the link for the demo timings. Once you start playing the demo, one of the tasks you may struggle with is finding the Screwdriver. It’s crucial that you find the Screwdriver to compete the chapter and obtain the Demon Crest. Here is how to find the Screwdriver in Resident Evil Village Demo.

Resident Evil Village Demo – How to Find the Screwdriver

To find the Screwdriver, you need to go to Luiza’s House. Once in the house go towards the sink by the wine bottles and in the open drawer of the sink, you will find the Screwdriver. Pick up the Truck Key and examine it to find the Screwdriver. Once you have the item open the screw to get the Demon Crest.

Luiza’s House Map

As you explore the area, you would come across a Shrine, but you cannot open it, it says the screw needs to be removed. The shrine is distinct from the surroundings and very bright with lights, so you won’t miss it. Once you have the screwdriver, you need to remove this screw to get the Demon Crest.

Here is how to go step-by-step.

  1. Get past the fields and meet Elena and her wounded father
  2. Go into Luiza’s house (there would be a scene with the survivors)
  3. When the house starts to burn and you are locked with Elena in the garage, look for the sink with green drawers underneath as show in the below image.
  4. In the drawer, there are keys, which once you examine, you will find the Resident Evil Village screwdriver.
Screwdriver location sink

From there, you can easily complete the demo. Go to the shrine with the screw and use the screwdriver to open it. You now have the Demon Crest.    

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