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Resident Evil Village Demo Crystal Fragments Location and How to Use

Resident Evil Village Demo Crystal Fragments Location and How to Use

The Resident Evil Village demo is out now and for now, it is only available for certain platforms only. Players have already started digging this demo version to find out its secrets. Certainly, the most fascinating is the Resident Evil Village Demo Crystal Fragment. If you want to try this game, here are the details of the locations and how to use them.

How to Get Demo Crystal Fragments and Use Them in Resident Evil Village

Essentially, there are 2 Crystal Fragments in the RE Village demo version, and their main objectives are still unexplained in the demo. Here are their locations.

Location # 1 (In the Church)

You will get the first Crystal Fragment in the church where you will first find the Maiden Crest, a statue dial that you will need for the puzzle to complete the game.

Crystal Fragments Location # 1 (In the Church) - Resident Evil Village Demo

Hunt in the rafters and there you will see a shiny light that will indicate an object hanging in the center part of a creepy picture frame. It is out of your reach, so you will first need to take out your pistol and shoot to bring it down. When you check it properly, you will see that it is a Crystal Fragment.

Location # 2 (In the Maiden of War statue)

The next location where Crystal Fragment is hidden is in the Maiden of War statue which you will find in the center of the crossroads. Just check in the eye of the goat on the statue, you only need to shoot it and take the Crystal Fragment.

Crystal Fragment Location # 2 (In the Maiden of War statue) - Resident Evil Village Demo

Use of Residential Evil Village Demo Crystal Fragments

If you’re wondering, what is the purpose of these fragments and where to use them, let us tell you that, they may be some purpose in the main game. As of now in this demo version, you only need to collect them and sell them to the merchant Duke. Apparently, you will get a high price on the trade.  

That’s all for the guide on Resident Evil Village Demo Crystal Fragments Location and How to Use. Wait for a few weeks, and we will be able to enjoy the next 8th major installment of Resident Evil series.

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