Resident Evil Village ‘An easy-to-pick lock’ Lockpick Location – Where to find all lockpick

A much-awaited Resident Evil Village is finally launched and you will want lockpicks as soon as you find your first easy-to-pick lock. There are certain ‘easy to pick locks’ spread all over the Resident Evil Village map which can be opened only with lockpicks. Since finding out lockpicks are a bit tricky, here we have provided all the “an easy-to-pack lock’ lockpick locations in the following guide.

Resident Evil Village ‘An easy-to-pack lock’ Lockpick Location – Where to find a lockpick

1. Kitchen hallway in Castle Dimitrescu

There are total of 10 lockpicks locations in Resident Evil Village, following are the details of each location.

The first lockpick you can find in Castle Dimitrescu. Search it in the hallway that leads to the kitchen. The exact location is the west side of the kitchen, go to the left and find it near the dresser door.

2. In the attic in Castle Dimitrescu

The second lockpick you will find in the attic get on the ladders and go straight to the left. Bring down the zombies quickly and find the lockpick on the boxes.

3. Castle Dimitrescu Armory

To find the last lockpick in Castle Dimitrescu, check out for the helmets in the dark areas on the table.

4. Outhouse in the Village

In the village, you will see the sign outside of the home – ‘missing homeowner’. Here, use your knife and break the gate. You will find your next lockpick on the seat.

5. In the well Between West Old Town and Workshop

The next one you will find in the well which you will find between West Old Town and the Workshop. You need to bring the bucket up from the well to find a lockpick.

6. Near the window in the building

Find the next lockpick near the window in the building which you will find at the garden area of the map. Be careful here as you are going to encounter some zombies here.

7. Into the well of the general area

Get into the well at the general area shown on the map and find out the next lockpick in the puddle.

8. In the abandoned house 

You will get to see an abandoned house in the area which has a golden chest icon on the map. You will find the lockpick near the window in the abandoned building.

9. In the underground caves in Heisenberg Factory

The one lockpick you will find in the Heisenberg Factory is in the underground cave system. You will get to see some mining equipment there and a lockpick is kept in a metal cabinet.

10. In the operating room in Heisenberg Factory

The last lockpick is in the factory’s operating room. Go on the left side as soon as you enter the room, and you will find it on the table. 

Once you get your last lockpick, you have found all the lockpicks in Resident Evil Village.

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