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Rats Need Nerf in World War Z: Aftermath – Rats are OP | How to Kill Rats

Rats Need Nerf in World War Z Aftermath - Rats are OP

World War Z: Aftermath is out on early access. The full release is planned for 20 hours from the time of writing this post. For the most part, the game is amazing and brings a bunch of new features and enemies. The game now allows you the option to clear through hoards in the first-person mode. While the first-person mode is a great addition, we do not prefer it simply because it takes away the view of a large area and the hoards. But, that’s a decision you can make. Where things get complicated or overwhelming is when the rats arrive and they are scattered throughout the game. And it’s not just us, the entire community has been screaming for Rats to be nerfed in World War Z: Aftermath. The rats are simply too overpowered and very difficult to handle, especially when a hoard is on top of you.

World War Z Aftermath Rats are OP

You require crowd control equipment such as a flame thrower to deal with the rats, but that’s often not sufficient. If you are not in possession of the special weapons that can kill them, there is no way out of it other than succumb in a horrific fashion – eaten by rats. The only way you can kill the rats is to use explosives or fire.

Players are in a stiff situation as they are tied between their weapon choices – should they go with weapons to deal with rats or weapons they prefer. The game is forcing players to choose a certain type of weapon. Rats need nerf in World War Z: Aftermath and we are sure the devs are listening. The devs should make it so that rats take damage and can be controlled with regular weapons as well.

Some players on the other hand want rats to be gone entirely as it’s ruining the fun of the game. It would be great if the rats are only a part of the game when the player choose a higher difficulty. Those players can have the challenge they want and the rest of the player base can enjoy the game without the nasty creatures.

The game also does not have a system to warn the users about the rats, they just appear and if you get pinned, game over, no way to return from that.

So, rats are currently OP in World War Z: Aftermath and require a nerf. So far, there has not been a comment from the devs on the issue. We will update the post when we know of something.

Rats will be Nerfed Confirmed by Devs

In a Tweet today on 22nd Sep, the devs have hinted that the rats will be nerfed in the next update. Within a week, when the patch arrives, you can expect the rats to be nerfed. Here is the Tweet.

How to Kill or Handle Rats in World War Z: Aftermath

There are certain specific ways to control these pests in World War Z: Aftermath. It’s going to be a while before the devs nerf the rats, so, it’s better you know how to deal with the rats in the game.

The first-person mode is not the best choice to play the game, especially when it comes to spotting the rats. The third-person mode allows you to see the rats when they are still far. Also, the rats spawn at the same spot every time, so you know where they are going to come from. Ensure that you have weapons such as the Hailstorm, Payload Rifle, and the RPG in your team. They are great for handling the rats when they are still quite far away.

While the Flamethrowers may seem like the obvious option, they are not ideal as the damage dealt is over time and it provides the rats the time to get to you.

To be better prepared to deal with the rats, ensure that the team is not separated. Also, you should not be too close to one another or the same will happen to you like in the above video. There are certain perks that allow you to deal with the rats better such as the Hellraiser with Directed Blast perk, Dronemaster with Saving Grace, or Firecracker.

There are some other perks that are good at dealing with the rats. Let us know in the comments.        

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