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Rainbow Six Siege M762 (Zofia) and G36C (Ash & Iana) Muffled Sound – Fix Expected Soon

Rainbow Six Sieze M762 (Zofia) and G36C (Ash & Iana) Muffled Sound - Fix Expected Soon

Rainbow Six Siege is an online FPS video game developed and published by Ubisoft and this game is considered as one of the best multiplayer tactical shooter games. 

To keep the content new, devs always bring new stuff in the game such as new maps, weapons, and items. Some of the latest editions in the weapons are M762 and G636C which are available for Zofia and Ash & Iana respectively. 

Also, Ubisoft always releases new updates frequently so the players can enjoy this remarkable game seamlessly. However, sometimes new updates also bring several issues and bugs. After a new update, many Rainbow Six Siege players are reporting muffled sounds of their M762 (Zofia) and G36C (Ash & Iana). Moreover, some players are also reporting that these weapons do not make any sound.

However, the good news is that Ubisoft has already acknowledged this issue on their official Twitter handle and stated that they will come early next week with the solution. Following is the screenshot of their message on Twitter.

So, we can expect that the issue will be resolved very soon. Apart from these muffled or no sounds of Zofia’s M762 and Ash’s G636C, some players are also reporting that Monty’s Shield is also silent and no sound coming. Thus, it seems that the new patch affects mainly audio.

Well, the developer has already acknowledged this issue so hopefully, it will be resolved in a week. So, we only need to wait until the next update/patch from the developer.

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