Rainbow Six Siege latest patch causing high ping due to wrong server selection

 Rainbow Six Siege latest patch causing high ping due to wrong server selection

Rainbow Six Siege is a popular online tactical shooter developed by Ubisoft. It has a large player base and is known for its fast-paced gameplay and intense matches. However, some players have been experiencing high ping issues after the latest patch, which can greatly impact their gameplay experience.

One of the main causes of high ping in Rainbow Six Siege is due to connected to the wrong server. When you play the game, you are connected to a server, and the distance between your location and the server can affect your ping. If you are far away from the server, your ping will be higher. The issue is faced by users after the latest patch updated by ubisoft.

How to fix Rainbow Six Siege high ping issue? 

Since there is no official fix from the developers, although they are aware of this issue. But still there are some workarounds you can try to solve the issue. These include: 

Restart the game

Simply restarting the game can help fix the high ping issue. Players can try closing the game and reopening it to see if the issue gets resolved.

Reset Game Configuration Files 

Reset the game’s configuration files: Another way to fix the high ping issue is to reset the game’s configuration files. To do this, players need to go to the game’s installation folder and delete the “GameSettings” file. This will reset the game’s settings to the default, which may help resolve the high ping issue.

Check the internet connection

Players can also try checking their internet connection to see if it is stable and functioning properly. If there are any issues with the internet connection, it could be causing the high ping issue. Players can try troubleshooting their internet connection or contacting their internet service provider to fix the issue.

Reset the router

If the internet connection is stable, players can try resetting the router. This can help resolve any issues with the router and improve the internet connection, which may help fix the high ping issue in Rainbow Six Siege.

Disable Background Applications 

In addition to these solutions, players can also try disabling any unnecessary programs or applications that may be running in the background. This can free up resources and improve the game’s performance, which may help resolve the high ping issue.

It is important to note that these solutions may not work for everyone, as the high ping issue due to wrong server selection in Rainbow Six Siege can have multiple causes. Players may need to try a combination of these solutions or seek help from the game’s customer support team to resolve the issue.

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