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Quordle is a word game inspired by the viral popularity of the game Wordle, where players need to guess a certain five-letter word with only six attempts. Quordle takes it a step further and lets players guess four words at the same time with nine attempts. While this might seem like a step up above Wordle, it’s intriguing to guess multiple words at the same time and at times, challenging. This guide will take you through some tips to solve your Quordle of the Day, and if you’re still stuck, we’ve got the answers for Quordle Answer July 28.

Quordle Puzzle Answer July 28

While Quordle releases new puzzles daily like Wordle, you can also play the past Quordles for practice. The rules are the same as the tile will light up in green if the guessed letter is in the right spot, and in yellow if the letter is in the word but in the incorrect place. The game’s simple mechanism has players hooked onto this game, and keeps them coming back every day.

Use a good starting word to help you cover your vowels and some of the most used letters of the English alphabet. Some good starts are nails, pleas, adieu, stone.

Look out for letters that you’ve already entered so you don’t repeat them. As you have to guess four words for this one, try to use words that use the least number of letters that you’ve already used.

If you’re stuck, try to make a word using as many of the remaining letters, disregarding the ones you know are in the word. This will help you eliminate a lot of letters at once, and improve your chances of winning.

Here are the answers for today’s Quordle on 28 July:

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