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QBZ and MG82 Leading to Dev Error 5573 after Season 4 Update in Warzone

QBZ and MG82 Leading to Dev Error 5573 After Season 4 Update

Ever since the dev error 5573 was first noticed in Warzone, it’s always been associated with certain loadout of items in the game. A few days back, Warzone had the Season 4 Update, which brings new weapons to the game, a red door for players to explore, New Satellite Crash POIs, buffs and nerfs to existing weapons, etc. However, the update also brought the dreaded dev error 5573. If you have encountered the error, there is an easy way to fix it.

Equipping QBZ and MG82 Leads to Dev Error 5573 in Warzone

To say that the dev error 5573 is always caused by a glitch with weapons and gear in the game may not be true as so many players were able to fix the error by performing a range of fixes such as transferring the game from SSD to HDD or vice versa, rebuilding database on PlayStation, restarting Shaders installation, etc.

But, for the majority players, these fixes have not worked and the error in the past emerged when players equipped the stuns/flash with new guns, choose new operators – especially CW operator skin, the FFAR, flashbangs or stuns, claymore, animated calling cards, etc.

The recent emergence of the dev error 5573 after Season 4 update seems to have one cause in common. When users either have the QBZ or MG82 in the loadout, then the dev error appears. As such, the fix for the error is quite straightforward. Do not use the two weapons or CW weapon as your Favorite load out until there is a patch from the developers and the issue has been fixed. Equipping the weapons may lead to the dev error.

For players who haven’t seen the error, you should also stay away from the guns as once the dev error appears for you, it’s likely you will see it more often or after updates to the game.

The CoD Trello acknowledges that the QBZ may be responsible for the dev error 5573 and a bunch of other error codes, but there is no mention of MG82.

With the dev error there are so many solutions that works for one user but not the other, which makes it difficult to pinpoint a cause and effect scenario. If something worked for you that’s not listed in the post, let us know in the comments.        

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