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Top 16 PUBG Mobile HD Wallpaper Image Free Download

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) was released in the last quarter of 2017. Since its launch, the game has been soaring in popularity. Developed by PUBG Corporation, a subsidiary of the South Korean gaming company Bluehole, PUBG provides a unique gaming experience, unlike any other game prior to its release. No surprise! The game has been downloaded more than 600 million times worldwide, 200 million copies on Plays Store with daily 30 million users. It was also named the Best Game of the year on Play Store. Phew, mind-boggling numbers.   

Today, there are several Battle Royale games, but none have been able to replicate the success of PUBG. PUBG mobile wallpaper HD images are also incredibly famous. The developers have recently launched a new series of HD Wallpapers for PUBG that can be downloaded by users.

Scroll down to find the newest Wallpapers from Season 12 to older images of both mobile and desktop.

PUBG has brought a new dimension to mobile gaming which other companies such as the COD franchise have only started exploring recently. A game with very few bungs, lightweight for slow bandwidth Asian users, while delivering high-quality graphics makes PUBG a growing success. Being such a young game, we can expect a lot from PUBG in the future. Let’s look at the top PUBG wallpapers in HD for mobile and PC.

PUBG Season 13 Wallpaper

PUBG Season 13 is out and the new season brings a new theme “Toy Playground”. The new theme brings new skins, outfits, and more. For players who unlock the Royale Pass Season 13, they get to choose from two squads ‘Ice Ranger’ or ‘Fire Ranger’. Here are some wallpapers from the season.

PUBG Season 13 Wallpaper 1
PUBG Season 13 Wallpaper 2
PUBG Season 13 Wallpaper 3

PUBG Mobile Season 12 Wallpapers

PUBG Mobile HD Wallpaper Season 12 - 1
PUBG Mobile HD Wallpaper Season 12 - 2
PUBG Mobile HD Wallpaper Season 12 - 3
PUBG HD Wallpaper Mobile  & other Device 1
Desktop Season 12 HD Wallpaper PUBG

Desktop Season 12 HD Wallpaper PUBG

PUBG Desktop HD Wallpaper Season 12 - 1
PUBG Desktop HD Wallpaper Season 12 - 2
PUBG Desktop HD Wallpaper Season 12 - 3
PUBG Desktop HD Wallpaper Season 12 - 4

PUBG Holi HD Wallpaper

A special wallpaper released to celebrate the growing popularity of PUBG in India. PUBG released a wallpaper celebrating the Indian festival Holi. Here is the wallpaper.

PUBG Holi HD Walpaper

Blazing Fire Background

This is the most iconic image of PUBG with a blazing fire in the background and the player with an AK-47 and a gladiator type bullet-proof helmet.

PUBG HD Wallpaper Mobile 1

Did you know that PUBG was the first game in history to have 1,342,857 concurrent players? Prior to PUBG, Dota 2 held the spot for the most number of active players. 

Sexy Terminator

One of the best PUBG wallpaper featuring a girl fully—geared with a pistol and the Ak-47. This is a stunning wallpaper for your mobile.

PUBG HD Wallpaper Mobile 2

Did you know that PUBG fact? PUBG developers are very harsh on violators of its policy. For simple policy violations such as shooting the teammate, you can be banned for a day. While more serious offense can land you in a ban for up to 100 years.

Oil Panting Paddy Field

Do you like oil painting? You are in luck, this release features the classic paddy you must have stumbled across when playing the game, but in an oil painting like the look.

PUBG HD Wallpaper Mobile 3

Another interesting PUBG fact. All the firing equipment meaning guns in the game have different physics. Every ammunition deals a different amount of damage, reloading speed, and recoil.

Lone Wolf

This one is my personal favorite PUBG mobile wallpaper HD image, a visual delight with contrasting paddy field and the player in the game carefully moving forward. I personally use this image as my wallpaper on my Android.

PUBG HD Wallpaper Mobile 4

The designer of the game Brenden Greene likes to have pseud names while playing online games. He liked to use the name Paler 1 while playing games which changed to Player Unknown. In his words, the name has a ring to it.


A foggy background with the same PUBG iconic image. It feels like the fire has calmed and the smoke looks like the aftermath of a serious conflict. The fighter takes a sigh of breath looking at his next challenge and win. Another great choice.

PUBG HD Wallpaper Mobile 5

PUBG has won more than major gaming awards since its launch in Dec 2017.

Nothing to Lose

A close-up of the above image, this is another PUBG wallpaper that looks good on mobile devices. With a sniper in hand, the fighter is looking through the smoke to its target.

PUBG HD Wallpaper Mobile 6

By revenue, PUBG is one of the most successful games in the battle-royal online gaming space. If you though the mobile experience was great, just try the desktop version with over 15GBs of graphics space, it is simply stunning and the experience is unbelievably real.

Never-Ending Road

A scenery you must be familiar with while playing PUBG, the wallpaper features a man with pistol pulled-out beside the tarmac gazing at the horizon assessing his next move. With a motorcycle at his side, he is ready to head to his next target.

PUBG HD Wallpaper Mobile 7

In the game, the best way to deal large amounts of damage and to end the opponent is a head-shot that deals 2.5X damage.

Animated PUBG Tag

A great PUBG mobile wallpaper HD image that features the same old classic image of PUBG with animation and a PUBG tag.

PUBG HD Wallpaper Mobile 8

This digitally recreated image is great for Android and other mobile devices. It has the perfect contrast background to make the apps on the screen visible while making the mobile look sexy.

Dark and Dangerous

PUBG has some of the most remarkable clothes to entice its female flayers. This hooded getup looks both dangerous yet very appealing.

PUBG HD Wallpaper Mobile 9

Dare to Challenge

With an M-16 and a gas-mask in a sexy mini-skirt, that getup has it all to make this a great wallpaper. The bright hue background makes it a great mobile wallpaper.

PUBG HD Wallpaper Mobile 10


Camouflage sniper standing in front of a forest. If you can coo-relate to this image, it will make a great wallpaper for your mobile.

PUBG HD Wallpaper Mobile 11


Do you love the old Nazi copied uniforms with gas masks? You are in luck we also have something that will delight you and make the mobile impressive.

PUBG HD Wallpaper Mobile 12

Did you know this interesting fact about PUBG? The game offers 3D replays which can be located in the game settings. It allows you to replay a scene in 3D. You can see how you get killed or how you killed someone.

Welcome to the Fight

An image displaying the players dropped from the plane and as they land on the battle-ground to join fellow mates in action.

PUBG HD Wallpaper Mobile 13

After the release of PUBG, a large number of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive players shifted from the game to PUBG.


A wallpaper showing the entire map of the game.

PUBG HD Wallpaper Mobile 14

This is a PUBG fact if you are in the water bullets won’t hit you. So, next time you are in the line of fire and water nearby diving in might save your life.

Team Formation

A team of players united in offence looking to counter anyone that dares to walk past them. Download this wallpaper for your mobile.

PUBG HD Wallpaper Mobile 15

At a point, the game had 15X scope which could be used when dropped from the plane. Most users only know about the 8X scope that comes along the M416 and AKM.


This is another PUBG classic that has been around but included in the PUBG mobile wallpaper HD image released by the developers.

PUBG HD Wallpaper Mobile 16

This concludes our list of PUBG wallpapers. You can download then simply by right-clicking on the image and saving it to your phone. Enjoy and wait for other impressive wallpapers. Browse our blog to solve game errors with PUBG.

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