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PUBG Level 3 Helmet – Capability And Where Can You Get A Real One?


We are all familiar with PUBG level 3 helmet, it has protected players from numerous headshots; however, its effectiveness is highly debated. The level 3 helmet of PUBG can protect you against the kar9 headshot, then again users claim the contrary. So, what does the PUBG level 3 helmet protects you against?

At first glance, the helmet looks basic and pretty straightforward but as you progress upwards in levels, the helmet offers better protection. The various helmets you get at different levels of the game include the Ballistic Mask, Level 1 Motorcycle Helmet, Level 2 Military Helmet, and then we have our Level 3 Spetsnaz Helmet.

Compared to level 1 & 2, the level 3 helmet of PUBG has higher durability with 230, whereas its predecessor 1 has 80 and 2 has 150. Level 1 helmet offers a 30% damage reduction and level 2 offers 40%; whereas, at level 3 you get an awesome 55%.

Specifications of PUBG Level 3 Helmet

When we talk about the true capability of the PUBG helmet, level 3 is where things get interesting. With this piece of equipment, there are only a few guns that can take you down in one shot and the weapon to fear is only the AWM. Weapons like the Kar98k and M24 are not capable of budging you in a single shot, meaning headshots those weapons won’t take you down.

Where to Buy PUBG Helmet?

Now, you may not know these but there are plenty of online stores from where you can buy the PUBG helmet. One Such place is Amazon.

Here are two of the best products in the market.

Helmet Level 3, Game Cosplay ABS Cool Helmet Game Peripheral


  • Material: High- density ABS material, very-light, yet strong and can take a lot of damage just like the original thing.
  • Real helmet making, built-in PU leather, and seat belt can be used as a real cycling helmet, just a bit more eye-catching.
  • Fits for head circumference about 22-25 inches. Can adjust the size of this helmet.
  • Cosplay helmet for PLAYUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS. Restore all aspects of the details.

PUBG Level 3 Helmets Game Cool Cosplay ABS Helmet Game Perimeter Products


  • There’s no triple helmet? Why not bring one yourself and also no longer have to worry about being shot head by 98k
  • Restore all aspects of the details and try to be the same as in the game
  • Material: this is the key point, with high-density EVA and ABS material, strong and not easy to be damaged, also won’t feel very heavy
  • Take him and you will be the king of the kill and chicken dinner
  • Real helmet making, built-in PU leather, and seat belt can be used as a real cycling helmet, just a bit more eye-catching.

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