Psychonauts 2 Psy King Level Gamebreaking Bug Acknowledged

Prasiddh Thakkar
Prasiddh Thakkar

Psychonauts 2 is the perfect combination of enigmatic conspiracies and quirky missions. It is a brilliantly humorous and superbly creative game by Double Fine devs. The first series didn’t have several levels but all of them surely had quality content that keeps the player entertained. However, in Psychonauts 2, there are several different levels in this game that covers its unique mechanics. But, players are stuck in the Psy King level due to a bug.

Players say that even though they are playing this game with top hardware spec, their game is stuttering randomly. Many players are stuck particularly at Psy King level. They have already tried several troubleshoots such as exit the game and return, reboot their devices, etc. but nothing works and so such bugs are spoiling their fun. This is a frustrating issue where players are playing in the order and still they are not able to progress the game further.

A lot of players get stuck at the Psy King Level and cannot proceed further into the game. The only way to get past the game-breaking bug and exit the loop of landing at the same spot is to reboot the game completely.

Fortunately, the devs have acknowledged this issue recently on the above Reddit thread. Also, they have asked players to send the details of what is happening exactly. However, they have not yet released an ETA on the fix. We hope the issue will get resolved soon and we will have an update with the solution for the Psy King Level Game breaking Bug.

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