PS5 Firmware Update 22.02-06.50 Patch Notes

 PS5 Firmware Update 22.02-06.50 Patch Notes

Sony released another minor update for PS5 firmware 22.02-6.50 on January 12th. The update offers a minor improvement to system performance and added support for the DualSense Edge Wireless controller for PS5.

The size of the update is 1.091 GB.

As expected from the unannounced update it doesn’t bring any major changes to the PS5 firmware.

Firmware Update 22.02-06.50 Patch Notes

Sony’s PS5 firmware update 22.02-06.50 patch notes contain the following:

  • Improvement in system performance
  • Added the support for DualSense Edge Wireless controller 

Sony’s patch notes are always incomplete without adding the so-called “ system performance improvement”.

For any further information announced by Sony, you can check it on our website.

To check the official patch notes released by Sony, here is the link: 

Shubham Chaurasia

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