Pokemon Unite

Pokémon Unite – How to Update the Game

Pokémon Unite - How to Update the Game

Pokémon Unite is recently released for the Nintendo Switch. Since this is a multiplayer game, there are a lot of new characters, tweaks, and skins that keep updating and so the players need to know how to update the game Pokémon Unite. However, it is not pretty straightforward and so it is important to know everything about its updates. Sometimes, in-game messages and notifications are quite confusing, but don’t worry! We have come up with an ultimate guide. Get to know here how to update the game Pokémon Unite.

How to Update the Pokémon Unite

The very first update of Pokémon Unite should get downloaded automatically. If you will keep your Nintendo Switch in sleep mode before any new characters launches, you will be logged out when you next time wake up your console and you will get a notification that there is an update. Then the game will be rebooted automatically and once done, it will tell you to restart the game in order to apply it.

But you do not require rebooting the game, the game has already rebooted itself. That notification is just an instruction that the game has been updated.

Now, you only need to press X and close that message and you will be taken straight to the game which is already updated with the latest version.

In case, your game is not connected to Wi-Fi when the Pokémon Unite has released a new update, then you will have to check manually and download its latest version. For this, go to the following steps:

1. Press the Home button from your controller and go to the Home menu in your Nintendo Switch.

2. Now, press the X button and close the Pokémon Unite game completely. 

3. Next, press the ‘+’ button and get into the ‘Software Update’ section and then tap on the ‘Via the Internet button’. This will be checked if you are running the latest Pokémon Unite update. If it is not, then it will get the latest update automatically and also apply.

4. Now, you only need to boot up your system and press ‘X’ when you get a message and that’s it.

That’s everything you need to know about How to Update the Game Pokémon Unite.

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