Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous

Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous Q&A Joran Vhane, Trevor’s shield, and more

Pathfinder Wrath of the Righteous Q&A

Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous is a great game, but it can also be confusing for players who are not to the genre and at time veterans as well. We have taken this guide to answer some of the most asked questions in the game like the location of Joran Vhane, getting Trevor’s shield, Regill location, Banner of Valor, finding Storyteller in Drezen, and recruiting new units. So, if you have any of these questions keep reading as we will clear them up for you.

Where to Find Joran Vhane after Kerebres?

To find Joran Vhane after the activity in Grey Garrison and Kerebres, you need to go to Dresden. You will find him there. Joran Vhane appears in several crossroads in the game, so even if you miss him at a point he will eventually cross your path.

Where to Find Regill/Hell Knight to Get Trevor’s shield?

You need to find Regill the Hell Knight to get information about Trevor’s shield. You need the Hell Knights to progress in Sosiel’s companion quest. As for Sosiel’s companion quest, you can postpone it to later when you meet Regill. You can either add Regill to your team so you have him when you need or just skip the quests that require him until you meet him. Eventually, you will meet Regill even if he’s not on your team.

How to Unlock the Door in Drezen Dungeon for Banner of Valor?

When you are in the Drezen Dungeon, you will have a fight that will lead you to kill some enemies. The key for the locked door in the Dungeon is on the body of one of the enemies you have killed. Check the loot and you should find it.

Where is the Storyteller in Drezen?

You are supposed to meet the Storyteller in Drezen after defeating The Dragon, but you are unable to locate him and he does not show up. So, the first thing you need to do is defeat the dragon in the Dragon Hunt quest. Once you have done that go outside the gate to the central keep in Drezen.

Where to Find Gold Coins to Activate Teleporters in Act 3?

  • To activate the teleporters you need gold coins that can be obtained from NPCs for completing the location’s quests. Progress in the quests in the location and you should find the coins eventually.

Where to Find NPC that Sells Scrolls in Act 1?

  • To buy scrolls in Act 1, you can find the guy in the bar right after you are made a commander in the crusader camp. You can also find the guy later in healer’s camp, east of the camp.

Where to Find Hilor in Act 5?

How to Get ‘Three hides of magical creatures’ for Storyteller?

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