Patch Notes for COD Mobile Season 5 – Apocalypse Map, Guns Blazing Mode, and More

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It’s that time of the month when Call of Duty: Mobile fans begin to get excited about the arrival of the new season. COD Mobile Season 4 will shortly come to an end, and the Season 5 patch will be available for download on the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store.

The update will bring new maps, modes, events, weapons, and other features to the game, as well as balancing improvements to modify the meta. Furthermore, the COD Mobile Season 5 battle pass will allow you to acquire dazzling goodies in the game. The patch notes are available below if you want more information on the stuff coming to COD Mobile Season 5.

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Patch Notes for COD Mobile Season 5

The following are some of the patch notes for COD Mobile Season 5.

Ranked Match:

  • The prizes for the new season theme have been updated.
  • When playing solo, the balancing method for Legendary players to combine and match with Grand Master players has been optimised.
  • Reduced the likelihood of a lower rank 5-player preset team matching a higher rank 5-player prepared team.
  • The compensation for ranking points of lone players who are matched into a Squad has been improved. This compensation prompt appears at the start of the game.
  • In higher rank games, matching for four pre-made teams has been re-enabled.

Updated Functions:

  • FFA Mode Spawn Point Optimization: Improved the spawn sites on various maps where the player used to spawn too near while starting in FFA mode.
  • Voice Enhancements: The press-and-hold method for turning on the microphone has been replaced with a 10-second click-to-enable method. When starting the game without a team, the buddy channel button is disabled, and the UI is streamlined.
  • Jump Key Optimization: While ADS is active, clicking the jump button no longer activates the feature of leaping over obstacles.
  • Hardpoint Loaded Point Information Optimization: Players may now see all of the points and order information while the Hardpoint mode is loading.
  • Fire synchronisation performance in the first-person OB state has been improved, bringing it closer to the true fire and hit direction.
  • OB Improvements in MP Mode: Scorestreak prizes for all players are now displayed for observers.
  • When witnessing, a red mark will appear on the health bar of the current observing target’s enemy faction to easily distinguish it as the enemy.
  • Initial Orientation Optimization: Fixed the issue where the player’s initial orientation was reset; now the player’s orientation at the start will persist after the countdown.
  • For observers, the red camp has been replaced with the yellow camp.
  • Replay files now display mode and map information.

Updated Performance:

  • Bullet Trajectory Improvement: The bullet trajectory of teammates and foes is now clearer, and information is easier to grasp.
  • In third-person mode, a bullet volume indicator has been added to the crosshair.
  • Reload Prompt Improvement: When reloading, a progress indication has been added to the weapon bar position.
  • Firearms Performance Optimization: Improved camera performance when switching guns; there will now be a minor camera shift when switching weapons to boost the sensation of presence.
  • The reload operation of the AK117, ASM10, and Peacekeeper MK2 has been improved.
  • The sound of switching weapons has been improved, and the stage cue is now clearer.
  • When a sniper was discovered, the challenge of frequently reporting places in a short amount of time was optimised.
  • Other Optimizations: Improved simulation performance by reducing enemy teleportation when moving too quickly.
  • Bolt Hold Open performance for DR-H and Renetti has been included.
  • The voice trigger logic has been improved.

New Map:

Clue trails lead the squad to the remote forests of Laos. We are raiding a jungle cartel base here. Soldiers in the opposing stronghold should be cautious; a big scary world in this rainforest. Come test out the new Apocalypse map.

New Mode: Guns Blazing Mode is back:

A new game in which two powerful warriors battle each other with increasing wrath! When a player receives a kill streak bonus score or dies, they accumulate fury. Super warrior status is gained when the anger bar is full! Players in the super warrior condition will have greater health bars and dual-wield death machines.

Minimap Customization is a new feature:

  • Customization of the Lite HUD: The previous version of the Lite HUD only supported core mode. This function has been changed and optimised in the current version to handle all MP modes.
  • Long press the minimap to enlarge it to full size, then release to shut it. This may be changed in the minimap customization options.
  • Hardpoint In-Game Point Prediction: When the current point countdown reaches 10 seconds, the player’s interface HUD and minimap will notify them of the next location point.

BR Prop Hunt is a new mode:

  • Come experience an exciting BR Prop Hunt in renowned Frontier villages, where players are separated into Hunter and Prop camps.
  • In the final few minutes of the encounter, the Props’ points to gather grow, while the Hunters’ Scan Skill matures into Deadly Focus. Deadly Focus boosts Hunter’s movement speed and ability to look for Props.
  • Move quickly since only a limited amount of gamers may become Hunters
  • Props, use your Charged Leap talent to escape perilous situations.
  • Hunters, utilise your amazing Scan talent to find the whereabouts of Props.
  • Invisible, Invincible, ShapeShift, and Flash consumable skill cards will spawn at random for Props to gather.
  • Props will respawn at random spots on the map.
  • At the end of the game, the score between Props camp and Hunters camp will be used to determine to rank.

Updated Functions in BR Mode:

  • A feedback indication indicating reduced damage sustained after being pushed down has been added.
  • Compass UI accuracy has been improved.
  • Long-pressing the medicine bar and tossing the object bar now respond faster.
  • Prioritized the UI after zooming in on the symbol of teammates falling to the ground.
  • Alcatraz scene performance has been improved to decrease latency.

Tactical Equipment Echo Grenade is a new weapon:

A grenade that detects opponent positions by using sound waves.

Oden Assault Rifle is a new weapon:

It is a 12.7mm large-caliber automatic rifle with a slow firing rate and high power that can shoot a range of unique ammunition.

That concludes the patch notes for COD Mobile Season 5. So, wait for the season and give it a shot once it’s available.

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