Outriders Wanted Quest Guide – Hand of Death Trophy

After a long period of the open demo, Outriders is finally released for all platforms in most countries. In the main game, one of the quests you can embark on for loot is the Wanted quest that requires you to track and take down high-value targets. You can unlock the Wanted bounties only after you progress to the Trench Town. Once you reach here, you will inlock a central Hub, much like the previous one in Rift Town.

Once you are in the Trench Town, you would want to meet with an NPC that’s marked with reticle icon on the radar and the map. Talk to the NPC and he will assign you the Wanted quests. The NPC will appear on the map after you have met the leader and started the regional quest.

Even though the quests are unlocked, the game does not give you their location but regions. You have to find the Wanted Posters in the game and then, you can proceed with the quest. In this Outriders Wanted Quest guide, we will show you the location of all Wanted posters for the Wanted Quests.

Outriders Wanted Quest Guide – Poster Locations

Here are all the Wanted postures that we know about so far in the game. We will update the post when we know of more wanted postures. Completing the Wanted questline would help you get the “Hand of Death” trophy. Here’s all we know so far.

Poster 1 – Wanted – The Perforator

The Perforator wanted poster can be found in Rift Town. When you are in the base of the Rift Town, head to the Frontlines. It’s right opposite to the Fast Travel banner. However, don’t fast travel there or you will miss the poster. Once you are on the front lines, you will notice a wanted poster in the wall. Interact to pick it up.

Poster 2 – Wanted – Hailstorm

For the second poster you have to travel to Eagle Peak, you can use the fast travel to get there. Once at the camp utilize Outpost Bunkers. Establish the Fast Travel banner and you will be able to see the poster on a blue cylinder next to the wooden barricades.

Outriders Wanted Quest Guide Wanted – Hailstorm

Poster 3 – Wanted – Brickhead

You will find one of the poster at Deadrock Peak at the Mountain Tunnel. Fast travel to the location and the post is right next to the fast travel site banner on tree.

Poster 4 – Wanted – Hanibal

The fourth poster is located in the First City near the Bridge. Fast travel to the location and the post is right next to the fast travel site on a stack of wood.

Outriders Wanted Quest Guide - Wanted – Hanibal

We will update the post when we know of more locations to of the Wanted quest posters.

Poster 5- Wanted – The Hornet

To find the Hornet poster you will need to go to the Crystal Camp in Forest Enclave. Use the fast travel to get there. Go straight from the spawn area and at the end of the area, the poster should be on a piece of wooden fence.

Poster 6 – Wanted – Maneater

Assuming you have not established the fast travel post, then, head from the camp to The Stronghold. Next, head into the Lumber Camp. The Poster is at the end of the date on the other end. If you have fast travel then use it to go to Makeshift Crane from the The Stronghold camp and then, go to the Lumber Camp. You will find the poster there.  

Poster 7 – Wanted – Bloody Baron

This one is right at the fast travel point at the Factory Entrance. So, get there and get the poster. Search around and the

Poster 8 – Wanted – Scalp King

For the Scalp King poster you need to fast travel to River Bed. Once there, look for the poster on a wooden wall. It you find an injured man, the poster in right near him.

Poster 9 – Wanted – Headmasher

You need to go to the Ancient Ruins to find the Headmaster poster. Fast travel to the odd structure. Check out the location using the below image. When you spawn, the poster is right on a wall behind you.

Outriders - Poster 9 – Wanted – Headmasher

Poster 10 – Wanted – Blitzkrieg

So, the final poster you require for the Hand of Death Trophy is located at The Gate. Go to The Gate and then head to the camp. From the camp there are two stairs that go into the ruins. You want to take the right stairs and poster will appear after you have walked a bit.  

So, there are all the 10 posters you need to collect and get the quest to get the Hand of Death Trophy. Most of the posters are quite easy to locate as they are next to the fast travel point.


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