Outriders – How to Remove FPS Cap or Lock after Cutscene

Outriders has been going through all kinds of problems that we hope the devs would fix in the coming days; however, on a lighter note, some players are reporting having a locked FPS at 60 after the conclusion of a cutscene. The issue may be affecting a greater number of players than reported simply because some players may not be aware of it. But, the game locks to 60 FPS or lesser after cutscene and does not go back. If you are struggling with and want to know how to remove FPS cap or lock after cutscene in Outriders, there is an easy solution.

How to Remove FPS Cap or Lock after Cutscene

Before you go ahead with the community found solution, you should know that it’s not permeant and you would likely have to do it every time the frame rate drops. The only viable solution can come from People Can Ply in due time.

The problem is peculiar to say the least, often it resolves on its own if you reboot the game. So, that’s a fix you consider if you want to take a break from the game. The FPS also seems to return to normal after the next cutscene. Another way to remove FPS cap or FPS lock after cutscene is to hit the ‘Esc’ button on your PC. This would allow you get the same FPS you were getting before.

The reason some people may not notice it instantly is because the game has so many cutscene and the FPS lock could be going on and off. Fortunately, for players on console they do not have the same problems as PC, but several problems of their own.

Outriders is a great game but hindered by the performance and server issues. Once these initial hiccups are resolved, we think the game would realize its true potential.     

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