Outriders – How to Dismantle Weapons and Armor

Looting is a crucial aspect in Outriders. When you complete the enemy’s areas, you will need to pick up everything they drop and add them to your arsenal. Sometimes, these armor and weapons will replace your existing gear. While other kinds of stuff will be useless to you as they are not powerful enough, or the wrong type of weapon, or simply have a poor life. Eventually, the dismantling of such weapons and armor is the best solution. But if you are wondering what you’ll get in return if you will dismantle weapons and armor, check out the following section.

What you will Get in Return after Dismantling Weapons and Armor?

In return, you will receive scrap metal, leather, iron, or titanium, depending on the rarity of the items.

In our experience, Common and Uncommon Items Drop Scrap, Rare Items Drop Leather or Iron, and Epic and Legendary Items drop from Titanium when dismantled in Outriders. The best thing about dismantling is that it is very simple and you can do it from any location. So, you don’t require returning to any locations.

In these cases, you need to know how to disassemble into outriders to free up space in your inventory.

How to Dismantle Weapons and Armor

Check out these short steps to dismantle weapons and armor

1. To disassemble armor and weapons, you simply need to open the Hero menu by pressing the View button on Xbox One or the touchpad on PS4.

2. Here, you should access the “Inventory” tab. Next use the left analog stick to select the “slot” the gear/weapon belongs to and press A or X.

3. Next select the item you need to disassemble with the left analog stick and click the right stick (R3).

4. This should result in the recycling logo appearing over the item image. You can “flag” several of these items at the same time, so check all the items you want to analyze.

5. Once you’re done, just hold down the Y / triangle and all items will be eliminated from your inventory.

That’s all for this guide on how to disassemble weapons and armor in Outriders. For more guides, tricks, and tips, head over to our website for more posts. Learn How to Enable Auto Loot in Outriders?

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