Outriders – How to Defeat the Molten Acari

Molten Acari is the giant beast boss which you will face in the Eagle Peaks zone of Outriders. You have to go through the 3-phase encounter to defeat it. Remember: you have to be extra careful while defeating this beast. Because, even if you’ll fail in the final phase, you have to start again from the beginning of the fight. So far, you have not encountered any enemy like Molten Acari and so you have to plan some different sorts of strategies and preparations to take down this giant beast.

Let us quickly learn a complete and detailed guide on how to defeat the Molten Acari

How to Defeat the Molten Acari in Outriders

As we have mentioned, Molten Acari defeats in three phases. Here we will learn how you can through each phase.

Phase 1: Focus and keep shooting to a weak point of Molten Acari

As you will enter the boss arena, you will see that the health bar of Molten Acari is divided into 3 sections. In this first phase, you have to deal with this giant spider itself. Molten Acari will throw blue Anomaly light on the ground so you have to avoid blue-lit areas. 

The spider will also attack by jumping on the top of you or will throw lava on you but you continue to focus on your firing on its weak point.

Molten Acari Stage 1 - Outriders

You have to keep shooting and you’ll expose the molten core of their abdomen, a weak point for you to exploit. Aim your shots on this core point and damage it 3 to 4 times more and you will be able to complete this phase successfully.

Molten Acari Stage 2 - Outriders

Phase 2: Tackle smaller spiders along with Molten Acari 

Once the first health bar is exhausted, the Molten Acari will be even stronger. In this phase, you will see small spiders will start popping out of the nucleus.

As soon as you see these smaller spiders, start shooting them as quickly as possible as they will regain health in the middle of the fight. Don’t allow them to come close to you as they will blast near you. Soon, Molten Acari will reappear and now you have to manage to shoot smaller spiders along with Molten Acari.

Small Spiders Acari Stage 2 - Outriders

If it seems tougher to manage than the previous round, you can fire to release dry lava. Focus on firing on its weak point last the previous phase and in between, keep shooting smaller spiders as well and make sure to get out of the blue-lit attack areas. Thus, you’ll also be able to complete this phase also.

In this phase, you need to avoid rolling sideways to dodge sticky shower, but it is quite tough to avoid at such a point. Here, your armor abilities will help you to keep your stamina high.

Phase 3: Fire on the lava-filled pustules on Acari’s body

This is the final phase of your boss fight. In phase 3, you will have to confront Acari in his true worm form. Molten Acari will attack you using revolving magma walls, from which you will flee with the same circular movement to avoid it. Once you’ll learn this trick, it will be easier for you to tackle.

Final Phase - Outriders

To defeat Acari, focus on your firing and make sure to fire on the lava-filled pustules on its body. Along with it, ensure to keep smashing the smaller spiders to gain your health.

Once the Acari defeated, you can then claim your loot by returning to the soldier camp on the mountain.

That’s all for this guide on How to defeat the Molten Acari in Outriders. 

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