Outriders Classes | Best Class for Solo

After you are done playing the prologue of the game and soon after you emerge from the pod and are left to die in the no-man’s land, you will have the choice to choose from the four classes of the game – Devastator, Pyromancer, Technomancer, and Trickster. While all the Outriders Classes are great and unique in their own way, there are some better than others. We have played the game with all four classes and there are certainly classes that are better than others. Keep scrolling and we will show you the Outriders – best class for solo.

Best Outriders Classes for Solo Players

When playing co-op, its best that each player has a different class as all of them have unique abilities that come handy in certain situations, but the game becomes difficult to play in certain class when played solo.

When we started the game, the flares and the overall look of the Pyromancer impressed up, so we went with it, but after playing the all four classes, we not realize that’s the worst Outriders class if you are playing as a solo player.

Trickster is by far the best class for solo players. If we had to choose two best classes, they would be the Trickster and Devastator.

Trickster – Best Class in Outriders for Solo Players

In our fight with the Vanguard Captain, we saw difference in gameplay when playing as a Trickster. The teleportation ability of the class allows you to avoid the attacks of enemy anomaly enhanced creatures, while you can get up close to them and attack. The other abilities of the class are amazing as well, there is the ability to slow time and pick out enemies. And the third that we unlocked, the ability to age opponents to death.

Outriders Trickster

All the abilities of the Trickster are amazing and great in an aggressive style play that the game demands. If you are a solo player, this is the best class to play. Try it and you should see a noticeable difference in the gameplay. It was the third class we played and thoroughly enjoyed it.

The next best to the Trickster is the Devastator. Here is more about it.

Devastator – Another Great Outriders Class

Evidently, we played the best two classes the last. The Devastator class is a total powerhouse. You don’t need much cover if you are playing with this class. Normal enemies, even the ones that are difficult to kill are made easy with this class. The only challenge are the anomaly turned creatures. Apart from that, there is no stopping the Devastator.

Outriders Devastator

The Devastator can turn rocks into armor. This is a great defensive class and a must for a co-op. While it can easily be good at solo too. In co-op, one of the team can choose Devastator and create stone barriers and earthquakes, while the others pick off enemies quickly.  

This is the only class that allows the abilities to be used as a defence. Three of the skills you can unlock in the demo are earthquake attacks, rock armor, and the rock barriers.

So, if you are a solo player, the best Outriders class to choose is the Trickster, but the Devastator can be equally fun.   

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