One Piece Odyssey Pre-Order Bonuses- Explained

 One Piece Odyssey Pre-Order Bonuses- Explained

One Piece Odyssey is only a few hours away from its official release. This is the first big title release in 2023, and if you are excited to play the game and don’t want to wait more, you can pre-order the game, so you can get the game as soon as it comes. The pre-order is still going on for One Piece Odyssey, and the players who have pre-ordered the game will get some bonuses. This guide will help you know the Pre-order bonuses you can get if you have pre-ordered any version of the One Piece Odyssey.

Is there Pre-Order Bonus in One Piece Odyssey?

Pre-ordering Games is a standard thing players do whenever a renowned title comes. Generally, games provide players with the preorder option before the official release, and pre-ordering games come with pre-order bonuses. That’s a general rule, and One Piece Odyssey, one of the biggest games of this year, is no exception. So, if you have Pre-ordered One Piece Odyssey, you’ll get Pre-order bonuses.

One Piece Odyssey has three game Editions-

  • Standard Edition
  • Deluxe Edition
  • Limited/Collector’s Edition

Among these three editions, the Collector’s Edition is only available on Bandai Namco Official Store. The other two editions can be purchased from Official Store and Retailers. However, no matter which edition you have Pre-ordered, every One Piece Odyssey Edition gives you pre-order bonuses, and they are the same for each. Below we have listed the Pre-order bonuses you can get-

  1. Traveling Outfit Set
  2. 3 Golden Jellies
  3. 10 Excite Apples
  4. 10 Energy Apples

These are the items you can get as Pre-order Bonuses for any game edition you have pre-ordered. But if you pre-order the Collector’s Edition, there will be more to get. The Collector’s Edition give players some exclusive pre-order bonuses, like-

Is there Pre-Order Bonus in One Piece Odyssey?
  • A Steel Book,
  • A Statue

These are the exclusive pre-order bonus items for pre-ordering the One Piece Odyssey. However, if you haven’t yet pre-ordered the game and are confused about which one to get, check out our guide: IS ONE PIECE ODYSSEY DELUXE EDITION WORTH IT- WHICH EDITION YOU SHOULD BUY for more help.

That’s all you need to know about the One Piece Odyssey pre-order bonuses you can get. This game will come on almost every platform, including Xbox Series X/S, PC, PlayStation 4 and 5, Nintendo Switch, etc.


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