One Piece Odyssey – How to Complete the Quest Give the Soup to the Cook

Abhishek Rathore
Abhishek Rathore

The countdown of One Piece Odyssey has started, the clock is ticking, and the game is just a few hours away from getting launched. With the inclusion of players being able to swap characters, new dramatic scenes have been added, which will act as mini-missions during the battle. Completing these randomly occurring challenges, the players will be able to get a significant boost and rewards. Players will be able to collect a lot of items while exploring the game. To add more to the game and to increase the engagement of the players, the game offers multiple Dungeons with various puzzles to solve. The combination of new combat and movement system brings a fresh take on dungeon exploration. The addition of new quests and the rewards these quests bring after their completion is going to be a big upside to the game. One such quest that needs to be discussed is Give the Soup to the cook. In today’s guide, we will decode How to Complete the Quest Give the Soup to the Cook in One Piece Odyssey.

How to Complete Give the Soup to the Cook Quest in One Piece Odyssey

Bring soup to the cook needs to be completed to unlock cooking in the game, and the latter quest will be completed in Chapter 2. In this quest, the cook of Spicy Bean Plaza and Sanji have to compete with each other in making soup. 

How to Complete Give the Soup to the Cook Quest in One Piece Odyssey

Two key ingredients of the soup are Sandy Shells and Scorpion Legs; these ingredients have to be fetched in order to make the soup; finding the Sandy Shells is a much easier task comparatively as the players just have to head to the harbor, through the gate, head towards the west side of the town, then on the way to the mini beach, from here players just have to walk along the coast collecting the items in their way on the sand. Players will be able to get Sandy Shells from here.

The second ingredient is the Scorpion Legs which the players have to get from the terrain, a desert near the Nanohana, by fighting one of the Scorpions there on the terrain after defeating, the player can bring the Scorpion leg to the Spicy Bean Plaza and after a short interaction with the cook and the owner, the quest will be completed.

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