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Of Ballads and Brews Event Guide in Genshin Impact 3.1

With the latest update release comes a new event called Of Ballads and Brews, and in it, there are various objectives you complete so that you can claim various rewards like Primogems and Mora. You can also claim a new weapon by completing the event objectives. The event was recently released but is only up for a limited time, so you should try to get all the possible rewards from it. In this guide, we will see how to complete the Of Ballads and Brews event in Genshin Impact 3.1.

Of Ballads and Brews Event Guide in Genshin Impact 3.1

Participating in the Of Ballads and Brews event can help you get some rare and exquisite rewards. Here we will see how the event works in Genshin Impact 3.1.

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There are four events you have to complete under the Of Ballads and Brews, and below are all the events and how to complete them.

  • Autumn Crisis – Help hunters kill boars, leading up to the boss boar to defeat
  • Highwind Trial – Typical 1v1 battle against strong opponents, where at the end of each stage a high wind will carry you to the next location.
  • Charity and Creativity – Manage your store and the funds you collect by strategically planning your income and expenses. 
  • Fecund Blessings – Find Fecund Hampers around Mondstadt and embark on a treasure hunt

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There are some prerequisites that you should meet before you can start playing the Of Ballads and Brews event.

  • Should be Adventure Rank 21 and above
  • Should Complete Prologue: Act IIl Archon Quest – Song of the Dragon and Freedom
  • Should complete Lupus Minor Story Quest – The Meaning of Lupical

Completing the above will start the first Act of the Of Ballads and Brews event called Sounds of Afar. It is a short quest where you have to talk to various NPCs, and once you complete the quest, you can unlock the rest of the event. 

There are various rewards you can collect once you complete the objectives, such as getting Primogems, Mora, Crown of Insight, and Furnishing. You can even claim the Missive Windspear four-star weapon through this method.

That’s all there is to know about the Of Ballads and Brews event in Genshin Impact. If you like this guide you can check out our other guides as well. 

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