Nvidia Releases GeForce Experience Update to Patch Windows 11 22H2 Errors

Nvidia Releases GeForce Experience Update to Patch Windows 11 22H2 Errors

On September 20, Microsoft launched Windows 11 version 22H2 public through the general availability channel, as reported. If you want to read more about this development, we suggest you click on this link.  You can read everything about the newest, most intriguing things in this article. Some customers with new devices got the 2022 feature update early a few days earlier. As later confirmed by Microsoft, the machines were shipped with build 22621.521 (KB5017321), which was the 22H2 update.

But the new upgrade does not come without problems, as is typically the case. When updating to the new feature update, there was a problem that we previously mentioned. Many users are experiencing update failures identified with the error code “0x800f0806”. Fortunately, a few solutions may be applied, as discussed in this article.

Nvidia Users Report Windows 11 22H2 Performance Issues

Users with an Nvidia Graphics Card in their systems are susceptible to facing other problems once they have updated Windows. Stuttering, fluctuating framerates, and games’ lower than normal CPU consumption have all been reported. The problems were caused by new graphics debugging tools in the Windows 11 22H2 update that was accidentally activated, according to Nvidia, who responded quickly to the concerns.

“The non-Beta version of NVIDIA GeForce Experience 3.26 is expected to go live with a new GeForce Game Ready Driver the week of September 26.”

These issues have been fixed in the beta version 3.26 of Nvidia’s GeForce Experience (GFE), which was released earlier today. According to the Nvidia team, users can upgrade to this version of GFE in one of two methods. You can either manually do it by downloading and installing it from the URL below, or you can enable the GFE app’s “experimental features” option, which will enable the installation of beta updates.

Updating the Geforce Experience to Patch Windows 11 22H2 Errors

Here is the link that the image above this text mentions. You can click on it to begin the download of v3.26 installer. That was all for this guide on Nvidia releases Geforce Experience update to patch Windows 11 22H2 Errors. To read more content that we release daily, click on this link.

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