Nintendo Switch | Turn Off Cross-Play in Apex Legends

Respawn Entertainment has finally brought the Apex Legends game on the Nintendo Switch recently on the 9th of March. On this platform, players will receive 30-free game levels for the Season 8 Battle Pass, a special Legendary Pathfinder Skin, and Double XP.

For some players, this is good news. For others, disabling cross-play in Apex Legends will be the first thing they do. How to disable crossplay in Apex Legends? This is the most asked question by many of the players nowadays as it creates frame rate and resolution-related issues that make the game “unplayable”. This is one of the main reasons why many Nintendo Switch players want to turn it off or disable it while playing. Fortunately, this option is easily toggled on and off at your leisure.

Here in the following, we will learn how to turn off cross-play in Apex Legends for Nintendo Switch.

Nintendo Switch | How to Turn Off Cross-Play in Apex Legends

As we have said, some players do not want to continue with Cross-Play and so Apex Legend has provided an option to turn off for the players. Here are some simple steps to turn off the Cross-play in Apex Legends.

1. Go to the Apex Legends lobby.

2. Now, click on the Cogwheel on the bottom left to open the in-game settings.

3. Next, scroll down to Beta Cross-Platform Play and disable it.

If you don’t see the effect immediately, you should restart the game once. 

Once done, now you will no longer search for Apex Legends lobby on other platforms as you will be removed from the cross-play pool right away.

This is how you can turn off cross-play in Apex Legends easily by going through the above-mentioned simple steps. 

After disabling cross-play in Apex Legends, the lobby will only match up against fellow Nintendo Switch players. Also, you will get improved frame-rates and graphics so that you can enjoy the game without any problems.

But remember, by disabling Cross-Play, probably you will reduce the players to battle against as currently, Respawn Entertainment is testing the Apex Legends Mobile version and also preparing for a big patch with bug fixes. This problem will remain for some time until they improve this.

That’s all!It is a very simple way to turn off cross-play in Apex Legends on Nintendo Switch. 

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