Nintendo has canceled the Smash World Tour Championships

 Nintendo has canceled the Smash World Tour Championships

The Smash World Tour organizers have Cancelled the 2022 and 2023 Finals due to licensing issues with Nintendo. Previously, the Championships have been kept without an authorized license, Also Nintendo has informed third-party organizers that they will no longer be capable to host forthcoming events.

According to the SWT team, Nintendo informed VGBC that they would no longer be able to hold events before Thanksgiving last week without warning. It came out of the blue for the race circuit team and contradicted what they had heard in previous lectures.

This comes as a surprise, given the conversations we’ve had with Nintendo over the past year. Since then, they have been working around the clock to make the necessary logistical arrangements and prepare this statement with the relevant legal guidelines,” SWT said in a statement.

Nintendo canceled the Championships

The Smash World Tour is scheduled to hold its annual fan tournament in December, with thousands of fans in attendance to cheer on their favorite competitors. The series is billed as SWT’s biggest Super Smash eSports tournament. In Smash history this would be the largest prize.

Nintendo’s partnership with Panda Cub likely led to SWT’s cancellation. “We really believe that we will be able to close because of the chain of competition that is now authorized and the partnership of Panda,” the organizers said in a statement.

Nintendo spokesperson told Kotaku a different story, saying: “Unfortunately, despite ongoing discussions with Smash World Tour and the same careful consideration, we are now unable to reach an agreement with SWT for a full circuit in 2023. Nintendo did not ask for any changes or closings to the rest of 2022 occasions.”

SWT Group expects to lose money as a result of affected contracts and sponsor commitments. They also have to deal with some problems stemming from the cancellation of the Smash World Championship. “We have made several requests to speak with them directly, but these requests have been denied.” – SWT team.

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