Nier Replicant Bon Appetit Quest – Where to Find the Cookbook

Nier Replicant is one of the most awaited titles this month with the game topping the Steam charts from the past week. The game is basically the Remake of original NieR Replicant. As you embark on quests in the game, there are various items you would require to find. One of the item required in the Nier Replicant Bon Appetit Quest is the Cookbook. While, veteran players may be aware of the location, the current game is being brought to a completely new generation of gamers. So, stick with this post and we will show you where to find the Cookbook in Nier Replicant Nier Replicant Bon Appetit quest.

Where to Find the Cookbook in Nier Replicant Bon Appetit Quest

The ‘Bon Appetit’ quest will only become available when you are near the end of the first part of the game and have already completed the first quest assigned by the tavern owner i.e. to replenish their ingredients. If you meet the above two requirements, here is how to find the Cookbook and complete the Bon Appetit Quest.   

When you are in Seafront and at nearly the end of the first part of the game, you can go to the tavern owner and take the side quest from him called ‘Bon Appetit.’ The task in the quest is to come up with new recipe ideas. Grimoire Weiss will advise you to find the Cookbook so you can make new dishes.

To find the Cookbook in Nier Replicant, you need to go to the Village’s Library and look in the bookshelf on the left upon entering the door. The Cookbook will be there. Once you find it, take it to the assignee of the quest. The tavern owner will request you to get some ingredients and once you do that the quest would be complete.

The reason you would want to do this quest is for the money it offers. So, that’s how you complete the Bon Appetit Quest in NieR Replicant. Check out our guide on how to get Broken Batteries in Nier Replicant.        

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