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NieR Replicant a Dog Astray Quest Guide – Where to Find Dog

NieR Replicant a Dog Astray Quest Guide – Where to Find Dog

NieR Replicant game has many quests to complete. A Dog Astray is one of the quests. This quest is from an old man inside the village. He will explain to you that he can’t find his dog recently. He will ask you to go and search to the Northern Plains so go out of town using the Northern exit and go straight until you reach the Northern Plains.

Here is a quick guide on where to find a dog so you no need to wander for hours to find it.

Where to Find Dog in NieR Replicant a Dog Astray Quest Guide

You will find a lost dog in the Northern Plains region. This region is small, but finding a small dog might be a bit tough challenge for you.

The lost dog can be in the North-Eastern part of the map. There you will see a massive bridge which will be near the entrance to the Junk Yard. This area is surrounded by water. You need to search for it at ground level, to the West side of the broken huge bridge. There near the coastline, you will be able to find the dead dog. It is killed by some nearby shades, which you need to fight with.

Once you defeat them, go to the dog and interact with it, and claim the leaf which you will see in its mouth. Now, you go back to the village and share this sad news with the grandson of the quest giver as the leaf was a medicine for the old man and now, he has passed away as he did not get that leaf in time.   

Now you must be wondering can you save that dog? Unfortunately, the answer is no. Many quests have sad endings, and this quest is one of them.

That is everything you need to know about NieR Replicant a Dog Astray Quest Guide – Where to find the dog? Learn more about this game – How to Get Eggplant in NieR Replicant?

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