NHL 22

NHL 22 – How to do Hip Check

NHL 22 - How to do Hip Check

In NHL 22, when players drop to a near crouching stance and swing their hips towards an opposite player, sending the challenger off-balance, falling to the ice often. It is most commonly performed against the boards. In the NHL game series, you should learn mainly two hits/checks: Hip Checks and Body Checks. Here we are going to talk about Hip Checks. For Body Checks, do not miss to check out our exclusive article – How to Do Body Check-in NHL 22. To perform a Hip Check, you need to use different controls in NHL, if we compare it to Body Checks. If you are wondering How to Do Hip Checks in NHL 22, let’s find out in the following guide.

NHL 22 – How to do Hip Check

In order to perform a Hip check-in NHL 22, you’ll need to use the right analog stick for PlayStation or Right Stick for Xbox. It is quite similar to do a Body Check but this has one main difference. To do Hip Check, you will need to click the stick down instead of moving it in a specific direction. And then press L1 on PlayStation and LB on Xbox.

Thus, its controls are pretty simple and easy once you know the controls. One important point to note, same like a body check, make sure to use Hip Checks in a friendly manner. Or you could be in trouble sensitively.

That’s everything you need to know how to do a Hip check-in NHL 22.

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