NHL 22

NHL 22 – How to do Body Check

NHL 22 - How to do Body Check

NHL 22 is finally released and players, especially newcomers, want to learn/know everything about the game before they start playing. When you think about the game of Hockey, the very first thing that comes to your mind is the big hits and booming slap shots. Body Check is a major part of Hockey as it plays the main role. However, you must be wondering how to do Body Check-in NHL? Let’s find out a quick guide in the following.

How to do Body Check-in NHL 22

Body check is a defensive move in which a player attempts to separate the puck from another player from another team. During this check, the defensive participant purposely uses his upper body so that he can hit the puck carrier forcefully while moving in the same or opposite direction.

To perform a body check, you’ll need to use the Defense Skill Stick which is the Right Analog-stick on PS, and the right stick on the Xbox console. The hip check direction depends on how you move the stick. For instance, if you’re trying to check a player to your left then move the Skill Stick to the left side and if the player is on your right, shift the stick to the right side.

However, it is important to note that the body checking feature must be done in a friendly manner. This feature is very useful and so do not be very aggressive while using it, or you will be out of the position and thus, giving the golden opportunity to your opposing team. Ensure to settle the player before you start performing a Body Check-in NHL 22. Also, always make sure to have numbers behind you.

That’s everything you need to know how to perform a Body Check-in NHL 22.

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