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New World Wyrdwood Prayer Beads Locations – Where to Find

New World Wyrdwood Prayer Beads Locations - Where to Find

Wyrdwood Prayer Beads is one of the special resources in New World which can be used in crafting to apply a bonus of Focus to an item. However, it can also be used to infuse certain Suffixes and Perks in the equipment you make. Let’s learn in the following, where to find Wyrdwoodo Prayer Beads in New World.

Where to find Wyrdwood Prayer Beads in New World

In order to find Wyrrdwood Prayer Beads in New World, the best location is the Arcana Repository crafting station at Tier 4. This is one of the crafting stations where you can craft some magical items that include Life Staves, Fire Staves, Ice Gauntlets, and Potions to refill health as well as mana. And to craft it, you will be needed x3 Ironwood Prayer Beads. At the time of crafting, go to the expanded menu of your Special Resources slots to get it. To craft this item, you will require Arcana Level 110.

And if you don’t want to find them on your own, you can also buy them from Trading Posts. If some other player has placed this item on a Sell Order, you can easily get it from there. Go to the Trading Post and find out this particular item by clicking on Search Items and enter ‘Wyrdwood Prayer Beads’. To get the best deal, you can also sort the list its price from lowest to highest.

That’s all for this guide on Where to Find Wyrdwood Prayer Beads in New World.

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