New World – Where to Find Water Arcana and Craft Ice Gauntlet

New World has introduced a new magic weapon ‘Ice Gauntlet’ that features an elemental power of ice. This weapon can help you to control the crowd using its slows and also it offers some great damage. There are two ways to get it – Get it as a drop from mobs or craft it in an Arcane Repository. However, in order to craft this weapon, you will need Water Arcana which is one of the essential items. Other items are quite easy to find but Water Arcana is a bit tricky to find and so we are here to give you all information on where to find Water Arcana to craft Ice Gaunlet in New World.

Where to Find Water Arcana to craft Ice Gaunlet in New World

In order to craft Ice Gauntlet, you will need the following ingredients:

– 12x Iron Ingots (can be obtained by smelting iron ore in a desert furnace, small furnace, industrial smelter, and campfire)

– 5x Coarse Leather (you will be needed 4 Rawhides to create 1 Coarse Leather)

– 6x Water Arcana (check out the following section)

For some extra stats and perks, you can also add special resources. For instance, if you will add up some Azoth, you can increase the chance of getting attributes, perks, and gems slots that will ultimately give you a better gear score. Now, let’s come to the main point – Where to Find Water Arcana in New World.

Where to Find Water Arcana in New World

If you want to find Water Arcana to craft an Ice Gauntlet in New World, first of all, you will need to collect Water Motes. There are many ways to get Water Motes: It can be obtained as a drop from Floating Spinefish, Springstones, and Rivercress. 

You can choose all of these options but we recommend getting it from Rivercress as it is the best way to obtain Water Motes. Also, it is very easy to get as they grow on any riverbank you will explore in New World. Moreover, you can easily get 6 Water Motes after harvesting only one Rivercress. Another best part: It looks like bright blue trumpet-like flowers so you can spot them easily. 

That’s all for this guide on Where to Find Water Arcana to craft Ice Gauntlet in New World.Do check out our next post – How to Fix New World Crashing at Startup, Won’t Launch, and FPS Drops.

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