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New World Tadpoles Locations – Where to Find Them

New World Tadpoles Locations - Where to Find Them

New World is off to a great start with over 200,000 beta participants and 190,000 concurrent players on Steam. And while the progress made in the beta is not carried over to the final release, we do get a glimpse at the game mechanics and the locations of various items in the game. One such item is the Tadpoles. You will require this item for a quest, but often it can be difficult finding the exact spot to look for the Tadpoles. Stick with the post and we will share the New World Tadpoles locations.

New World – Where to Find Tadpoles

When looking for the Tadpoles, there are some tell-tail signs to find them or they spawn in only specific areas where the conditions are met. The first is freshwater. Tadpoles can only be found in freshwater and you can fish them. The bait to use while fishing is Firefly. While the freshwater ponds are your best chance at getting the creature fast, they are not the only way. A user on Reddit caught a Tadpole in a stream without using any bait.

New World Tadpoles Locations - Where to Find Them

Fishing in a stream without bait has a very rare chance of getting the Tadpole. So, if you are looking to farm the item fast, we suggest you stick with freshwater ponds with the specific bait.

Fishing in New World is quite simple, but before you proceed you require a rod and bait. Specific bait allows you to catch different types of fish. As for the rod, you can choose to buy it or using the Engineering Tradeskill to make them.

Once you have the rod and bait, the rest of the process is divided into three actions – casting, hooking and reeling.  

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