New World

New World – Where to Find Silver

New World - Where to Find Silver

New World is one of the massive multiplayer online games by Amazon Game Studios which is scheduled to release on 31st August 2021. In this game, you will explore a super-natural island of Aeternum in a gripping, open-world MMO. While playing this game, you will be needing many resources for crafting and smelting. One of the important resources is Silver ore which is quite tough to find in the New World. Here is a complete guide on where to find Silver in New World.

Where to Find Silver in New World

Silver Ore can be obtained from Silver Veins, using a Pickaxe. Fortunately, you will get all the information on the map. However, if you are looking for some particular locations from where you can farm Silver Ore, read on.

Usually, Silver ore is found in Caves, Mines, and Dens. You need to press the M key and open your map and go to the Resource Locations. Here you will find plentiful Silver in Highland areas.

‘Dankfur Hollow’ which is located at the South of Windsward has a Wolf Den where you can find Silver Ore. Another good farming spot is Canary Mine. However, the suitable location depends on where you are on the map, but this location spawns 2 to 4 nodes consistently every 10 minutes. 

If you’re badly in need of Silver resources, this location is the best to get. However, it is important to note that, this is just for the example. There are numerous other Silver Vein spawns in Aeturnum. While searching in the Highlands area on the map, you will get many locations throughout the game. You just make sure to keep your eyes open and mining tools handy since you will find them at any point of time during your journey.

If you want Silver Ore easily, we recommend setting your Mining skill to 50. At this level, you will get the ability to track the Silver Ore. While, at 15 level, you can just mine it.

That’s it! This is where you can find Silver Ore in New World game.

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