New World

New World – Where to Find Fibers

New World - Where to find Fibers

New World is an upcoming MMORG (Massively Multiplayer Online Game) that is being developed by Amazon Game Studios. In this game, there are different kinds of resources players need to find or craft. One of the most important resources is Fiber which can be used to craft various items such as wooden bows and linen in New World. In the following guide, we will learn where to find Fibers in New World.

Where to Find Fibers in New World

Fortunately, Fibers can easily be obtained by harvesting Hemp plants in the forest area of Aeternum. To find out these hemp plants, you can explore both of the areas – Grassland and Forest areas in the game. It is very easy to spot Hemp plants. They are a bit taller than your character as well as they are tall green plants with purple flowers. This is the main source of Fibers.

If you have no idea about the locations of these areas, you can use the map to find them easily. To open up a map, simply press the ‘M’ button and go to the Resource Locations tab which you will find on the left side of the screen.

When you are close to these Hemp plants, stop and press the default harvest key ‘E’ and start collecting fibers. Make sure to add a Scythe in your harvesting tool so that you can harvest them easily.

Once you have collected a sufficient amount of Fibers, you need to go to the Loom in the nearby settlement and make some linen. Then by using this item, go to the local outfitting station and craft some armor, and thus, your character will be more powerful.

If you’re looking for the best location for Hemp plants, we recommend finding them at Charlottenburg. This spot is solid to get a hefty number of plants if you spawn at the First Light starting area.

That’s how you can find Fibers in New World.

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